Oil Changes

Get your oil changed on your vehicle at Johnsons Auto Repair in Moorhead, Minnesota.

Keeping Your Engine Lubricated

Whether you are looking to have a Full Synthetic Oil change or Conventional Oil change, get it scheduled with Johnsons Auto Repair in Moorhead, Minnesota.

Full Synthetic Oil lasts considerably longer than conventional oil, whether in winter or summer conditions it helps keep your engine cleaner and flows better in your motor. Conventional Oil keeps your engine lubricated so that it doesn't get damaged with friction.

You know it is time to change your oil when...

  • Your engine oil gets dark and may even have a gritty feel to it.
  • Your "change your engine oil" light is showing on your dashboard.
  • You have gone over the recommended miles in which your vehicle manual suggests.
  • You hear your engine "knocking" or making an odd noise.
  • You have utilized your vehicle for hauling trailers, boats, and other heavy things. Or you have been driving in traffic with significant amounts of "stop-n-go's", or in high temperatures.

Request an appointment to fix your car with Johnsons Auto Repair in Moorhead, Minnesota.

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